Consulting Import and Export


The weipt Brazil offers a wide range of products from the various segments, we have professionals specialized in each area of expertise, just below an example of some products we currently distribute.

Products for massage, through the china weipt are one of the largest exporters and manufacturers of massage for the world to our catalog portifolio this line just get in touch.


Line of stainless steel plate and stainless steel coil, exported to Brazil a lot of stainless steel used in factories vans, refrigerated among other industrial users of this raw material counters, we have a great partner in this product line having manufacturing units in different continents.


Electronics components, export various kinds of small components such as plates psi, connectors, plugs, fonts etc.

Machines and equipment, we provide various kinds of machines and equipment within an ejector that stands have machines and molds for it, we have engineers in construction projects for ejector mold, make a budget with our team.

The Weipt has been internationally prominent in the export of luxury furniture and decorations standard auto and outdoor furniture please contact our local team and request virtual catalog.