Consulting Import and Export


Import or export goods is planning and lack of cost information is the smooth progress of the processes of international business purchases depends on the qualification of professionals in the service provider company.

A critical success factor for import is the stage of development of suppliers. This process seeks to establish a supplier base with competent and capable companies meet the conditions demanded in terms of quality, technical specifications, cost and schedule.

The process of supplier development should be carried out effectively, because once poorly designed can have serious consequences for generating high quality and rework costs to the import process.

Objective: Development of product or foreign supplier with the goal of reducing cost, increasing product quality, increased supplier base, decreasing dependence of current suppliers and increasing range of products.

Survey data products:


     Study of the Tariff;
     Administrative treatment on import;
     Statistics import - supplier countries;
     Tax rate;
     Lifting supplier base;
     Analysis of suppliers;
     Approach and communication with suppliers;
     Commercial negotiations;
     Study of the economic lot;
     Making the spreadsheet import cost;
     Analysis by type of modal; Schedule purchases;
     Coordinating shipments of sample;
     Trading of own brand and packaging;
     Monitoring of production.