Consulting Import and Export


The Weipt Brazil Ltda is a company specialized in foreign trade with extensive experience in consulting and solutions to international negotiations. Founded in 2009 by partners with extensive experience in this market, weipt Brazil participates in the evolution of this segment always closely watching markets more exponential.

MISSION: Our mission is to ensure service excellence inherent in foreign trade in all its breadth, international negotiations as well as the delivery of quality products, we offer a complete service for the development of new products and suppliers, in addition to investing in the training of employees and the infrastructure of the company and bring good results for our clients.

The Weipt Brazil aspires to become an international benchmark in regard to foreign trade. Our goal is to continue to understand and meet the needs of companies with whom we relate and our clients, transforming them into intelligent and profitable solutions to the business in question.

VALUES: All our structure and our values ​​are accentuated in aspects such as honesty, transparency and respect. Our tradition and professionalism remind us of pro activity and motivation, resulting synergy.

Weipt Brazil - Helping companies to develop international business.